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Review Of ZipCloud

ZipCloud offers a simple, safe and secure online backup solution for any type of files stored in your computer, be it documents, photos or music. It also addresses data backup concerns of businesses by providing relevant plans that facilitate project collaboration. A one-time registration with ZipCloud enables you to access your files from any place at any time by logging in to your ZipCloud account.

ZipCloud Overview

It takes only a few mouse clicks to install ZipCloud on your computer. After the setup process, your computer is automatically synced with the cloud and you can schedule your backups. The ZipCloud application runs on your computer backing up automatically. If you select a business plan and set up your team on the cloud, the ZipCloud software will run on all the users computers. A central administrative panel will help you oversee your employees and facilitate seamless collaboration on projects.


Syncing Devices: ZipCloud allows seamless syncing of files across several computers and devices. You can specify the files and the devices that you want to sync. All synced files are constantly updated across all the synced devices whenever you make changes as ZipCloud handles everything in the background.

Mobile Aaccess: The online control panel of ZipCloud can be accessed from tablets, PCs, smartphones, laptops and desktops. So, instead of carrying external storage devices, you can access your files from mobile devices while on the move.

File Sharing: The ability to share files and folders with friends, family members or colleagues is a sought after feature of ZipCloud. Just invite them via email or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Collaboration is hassle-free, an important feature for businesses.

Mobile Apps: ZipCloud offers free mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry. So, you can access your files easily while on the move. It is compatible with all the major operating systems - Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

Lost File Retrieval: ZipCloud's continual backup allows you to restore lost files from the control panel without any hassle.

Other Features: ZipCloud's affiliate program allows you to earn commissions using your own banners and tracking links. Its reseller plan offers an excellent business option.

Pricing and Plans

ZipCloud's personal storage plans offers Home, Premium and Unlimited plans. The Home Plan costs £4.49 per month for 75GB cloud storage and the Premium Plan, which is the most popular of all ZipCloud plans, costs £4.95 per month for 250GB storage. The Unlimited Plan costs £6.95 per month for unlimited storage. All the plans offer 100% automation, and ZipCloud offers anytime money back guarantee with all of them.

The Business Plan offers a 100GB plan with 5 computer licenses and a 500GB with 20 computer licenses. The former costs £19.95 per month while the latter costs £49.95 per month. The business plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee, unlimited user accounts, free network drive backup, free external drive backup and increased file size limit (5GB). They provide additional features for team sharing and collaboration and can be customised to increase storage space or add extra computer licenses. Once you sign up for the business plan, you can set up your whole team to work in the cloud. Just enter each user's name and email address and ZipCloud will send them login details and download links. Each user is automatically assigned with licenses. Storage space can be allocated depending on the needs of each user.

ZipCloud allows you to upgrade your free account to a paid unlimited account that is available for home users, i.e.b personal plans. The customer team can provide guidance on the normal usage range to help you analyze your specific needs before purchasing a storage plan.

ZipCloud offers reseller plans starting at £9.95 per month. You can select from the range of home or business plans and sell them to your customers. In fact, it is a great way to leverage the fast-growing online backup industry to grow your business.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with the support team via email. The Help Center page on ZipCloud's website offers robust assistance for users. It has video tutorials for a detailed guidance and a demo on downloading and setting up the app. The page lists the top 5 watched video tutorials and frequently asked questions (FAQs). It also provides instructions for installing and uninstalling the ZipCloud software. There is a dedicated section to answer your billing-related questions. The FAQs section is comprehensive with questions and answers to almost any doubt that may arise or trouble you may encounter while using the service. For more interaction, join the ZipCloud community and share your ideas. The Help Center also allows you to check your backup speed, a great way to gauge the performance of ZipCloud.


ZipCloud prioritises data security, ensuring that your files are subject to 256-bit SSL encryption at every stage of the file transfer. The data centers are under uninterrupted vigilance that guarantees the best level of security. ZipCloud's storage infrastructure is secure, fast and stable. It has partnered with Google cloud storage, meaning that it gives access to world-class web storage servers. Google Cloud Storage is noted for its faultless performance and versatile functionalities. It has a proven record of safety, so customers can benefit from a 99.99% security guarantee. Google Cloud offers several layers of redundancy, consistent uptime, multi-part upload and geo-redundant data replication.

ZipCloud's data servers are situated in multiple locations, eliminating any chances of failure. Continual monitoring, Ultra-Redundant Power, HVAC and networking systems are added features. The security protocol is further increased by keeping the whereabouts of the datacenters confidential.


ZipCloud offers professional grade services that are fast, secure and simple. Automatic backup, unlimited storage, ability to upload any file type and highest security standards in collaboration with Google are its major appealing features. The business plans offers robust options for team work, while the unlimited personal plan is great for home users. Live chat and phone support are absent though ZipCloud is equipped with a responsive technical support team and comprehensive knowledgebase.

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