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Why USB Backup Is Risky

If you've ever misplaced your USB drive down the back of the sofa - like I do frequently - you'll know why USB backup is risky. Whilst they're great for storing large amounts of data off your harddrive they're extremely easy to lose. I think I've lost 2 of them already - luckily I just use them for moving data from one place to another but as a robust backup device - they leave a lot of be desired. For me, if you want to backup your data safely and securely, you really need to use an online backup provider. The other issue is the amount of storage space that USB drives offer. Whilst you can get 16GB or 32GB drives quite cheaply, you can't really fit that much on there. A few movies and a few songs here and there and you'll have your drive filled up in no time. If you've ever tried working with files from a USB drive you'll also know how slow they are. Sure there is enough space to work with if you just have a few files here and there but they're not a reliable solution. The other issue is that it's all manual work. You can't schedule files to be sent to your USB drive, it includes a lot of sorting, dragging and dropping of files which is quite easy to do but can also be quite time consuming. The biggest issue is the data loss though. Do you really want all of your family photos or business critical data lying around the house on a 2 inch device? I don't think so. They're easily lost, damaged and are simply not as reliable as online backup. If you do want to backup locally you're really best off with a remote hard disk. In short, because they're easier to lose! You rarely mis place a device on your desktop and they can hold a lot more space than your typical USB drive but you're still left with a huge security risk if it's stolen or simply damaged. If you want reliability and your data to extremely secure then you really need to consider online backup. Online backup services are the future, they're the way forward and with connection speeds of Internet connections these days there is really no excuse not to use one. Where do you want your data to be stored? On a 2 inch USB drive which can be lost down the back of the sofa or do you want it stored in a state of the art, secure data centre where your files are safe and backed up daily. Not only that, your data is checked for integrity and problems are identified and fixed before they even become an issue.