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Why Compare Storage?

Well, to quickly answer that one, in short, it's simply because there are a LOT of people / companies offering the same sort of service. If you've got lots of companies offering the same sort of thing, how do you know who is best? Not only that, how do you know if the service you're about to choose is right for you. This is where reviews and comparison comes in. All of the services we have reviewed on cloudstorage.co.uk are very similar in the fact that they all providing cloud storage services - but, the features, support, usability and overall cost to you may be quite different. Everybody wants to get exactly what they're paying for and rightly so.

So if everyone is offering the same service, why are the features so different and why is there such fluctuation in the pricing? Well, this is business basics. Companies will effectively charge whatever they like for their service and on top of that, the software and service itself is 100% unique for each provider - so whilst the service is the same, the usability etc is going to be vastly different.

This is where reviews and comparison comes into play. Some of you may just want a cheap, low priced month to month service and not particularly care about software features or vast amounts of storage space - that's fair enough. But there will also be some of you who need a high level of support and some who need lightning fast transfer speeds and disk storage. This is where reviewing and comparing services comes in.

Hopefully, using our site, you'll quickly be able to identify a service provider who not only meets your monthly budget but also has high scores in the areas or criteria selections you're interested in. We've designed our site so you can quickly see who has the best transfer speed, who has the best storage space, usability and so on. Once you've got a provider in mind, you can read OUR expert opinion on the service (we've genuinely tried them all) and not only that, you can read what real world users think of the product also. This in my opinion is invaluable information as there is no better judge of character than an independent third party.

All in all, like with anything, if there are lots of companies in the same arena all pretty much providing the same sort of thing, you need to get specifically what you're looking for. You don't want to be overpaying for features and space that you don't need and never will need afterall. We hope we've designed our site in a way to assist in this and make choosing a cloud storage provider.

Of course, if there is anything you'd like to see on the site which you think would help in educating users before choosing a storage service then please let us know. We're forever improving our site and try to listen to our readers as much as possible.