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Why Backup Online?

If you've ever lost files from your computer due to crash, damaged hardware or even just deleting them by mistake - you'll know of the need to back up - EVERYTHING! - But why backup online? Is it really the way forward or should I stick with my usual CD, USB drive or memory stick option? Well, everyone has their own personal preference - of course, but there are numerous advantages of backing up your data online and hopefully the article below will convince you that storing your data online - especially in "the cloud" is most definitely the way to go.

A physical backup device such as a memory stick or an external hardware can indeed give confidence. Your data is there, in plain sight and you know it is safely backed up. But, ask yourself, how many times have you misplaced your USB pen or drive in the past few years? How prone are local (even remote) hard disks to failure? What then? Backing up is simply not enough if you've got more chance of losing your backed up data than you would have by keeping it on your PC. This is why you need to backup online.

Backing up online means super security and reliability in a nutshell. ALL of the providers we feature store your data safely and securely in state of the art data centres. Your data is not only safe, it's backed up time and time again. That's right, even your backups and backed up! This means that once you send your data up to your chosen backup provider it's there, it's safe and it will be safe until you decide otherwise i.e. when you delete it from your remote drive.

It is important to remember when it comes to online backup that it's not 1999! With computer speeds, Internet connection speeds and the sheer amount of storage space available in the cloud - you really can backup unlimited amounts of data and can do it at such a fast rate that you'd barely notice the difference between sending a file up to the internet as you would sending it to your usb drive. In fact, most of the cloud storage providers we feature offer drive mapping that lets you use a web based backup drive as you would with a local hard drive. It's completely seamless - there is no way you'd notice the difference unless you were transferring seriously large files and lots of them at that.

All in all, it is down to personal preference, we understand that - but give it a try. We can assure you it's more reliable, more secure and you will barely notice the difference. In fact, most of our readers have said they prefer online storage from a usability standpoint in comparison to their traditional backup routine. The fact that your data is ultimately more safe is purely a bonus!