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What Is The Cloud?

The cloud can be understood by delving into the realms of cloud computing. In cloud computing, resources be it processing power, memory or disk space is pooled and made use of by whoever needs it the most at that time. So instead of having one machine and it's resources limited by actually what's inside it, using cloud computing, you get a lot more pooled power. If your service is being served by a cloud computer and you need more ram than you have temporarily, by making use of the pooled cloud systems, that is possible. Think of it as harnessing the power or resources from other machines in the cloud network and making use of them for yourself. Once you've got an understanding of how cloud systems are pooled in cloud computing and how resources are shared, you can begin to understand how cloud storage works.

The term "the cloud" is thrown around a lot and its definition depends on the service that is being offered. In terms of cloud computing, it's literally to share resources between pooled computers as described above. In cloud hosting, it means that disk space is shared across multiple machines and also resources such as ram and computing power. Cloud hosting is preferable particularly in web hosting as it can give you masses of resources at your disposal which you wouldn't typically get when hosting on a single machine with it's overall resources capped. Cloud hosting has seen tremendous growth because of this. Hosting companies are able to provide ultra fast systems with masses of disk space and resources - more than before - this isn't because of hardware advances, it's because of pooled resources.

The same goes for cloud storage. These systems are becoming increasingly popular because not only are the systems lightning fast, the amount of storage space available through numerous pooled data centres is immense. Any single provider may have locations in lots of different data centres so they're no longer limited to solely storing in their own facility which means the amount of space available to them grows with each new location they move into.

Most of the cloud storage providers out there make use of the very best data centres out there such as the one owned by Amazon. This means that no only will you have extremely fast data transfer, the actual location where your data is stored is seriously top level.

On top of the amount of resources available you also have increased security and reliability. All of the major data centres used by the cloud providers out there are extremely secure. In fact some of the best in the world as far as data storage goes. You may also find that your data is stored in several data centres at once which means that even if the worst case scenario comes to pass, your data will remain safe and accessible by you from any location at any time you desire.