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What Can Cloud Storage Actually Do?

For the majority of cloud storage users, the service is only used to store files in the cloud, whether it is as a backup or to make the files easier to access in the future. Although this is a perfectly good use of cloud storage, it is not the only way you can utilize the services available on the market. There are a number of extra things you can do with your cloud storage account and we are going to review them in this article.

Share Files

Today's cloud storage services allow you to share files with friends and colleagues. Simply right-click on the file you want to share and you can instantly generate a private link you can then send to anyone.

Some cloud storage services enhances their sharing features by allowing a more advanced access management. You can provide your friends and family members with their own usernames and passwords. Once this is done, you can organize which files they can access to the very last detail.

It is also possible to share an entire folder. Users with the correct access link and credentials can then browse through the folder and download the files they need.

Multimedia Streaming

Once you have uploaded your music library and video files to the cloud, there is no need to download them just to be able to play the. Most, if not all, cloud storage services now offer built-in multimedia players that allow users to stream multimedia files directly from the cloud.

The same multimedia files can be shared with other users as well. This is very handy when you need to distribute large multimedia files without having to make your friends or relatives download them (or copy them) manually.

Synchronize Multiple Devices

Your cloud storage account most likely comes with native mobile apps and support for multiple devices. Complete the initial setup process on all of the devices you are using and you will be able to synchronize them seamlessly. New files added from any device will instantly be made available on all devices connected to the account. Take it a step further, and you can also synchronize contacts, photos, documents and virtually any type of information between multiple mobile devices. This is very handy when you have a phone and a table, and you want to keep the synchronized without having to manually plug them into a computer. Everything is done over the air.

Upload & Edit Documents

Storing documents in the cloud is just the first step. Today, you can edit them, have old versions of the same document stored in a separate archive, restore to any of the stored versions and even let others work on the same document without worrying about losing the changes you have made, all thanks to the built-in document viewer and editor offered by the best cloud storage services.

These set of features means cloud storage can now be used as a collaborative platform. There are even certain services with enhanced document editors that can track changes, allow users to post notes and offer a wide variety of other collaborative features. Access management and download prevention are also part of the feature set; no need to worry about unauthorized access or information theft as you work with a group of people in the cloud.

Store Encrypted Passwords

With the help of extra software, it is also possible to store an encrypted group of passwords in the cloud and restore it at any time. You no longer need to remember hundreds of different passwords since all of them are automatically synchronized across multiple devices.