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Review Of Sugar Sync

In the current era, backing up digital data is not just about having additional copies of your files but also about real time access to all your files. Online backup services have been mushrooming in recent years, but only a few have made their mark in the market. SugarSync is one such backup service provider that has earned a reputation for its attractive plans, robust features, and user-friendliness, among other aspects.

SugarSync Overview

The foremost step to use SugarSync is to register with the website for an individual or business plan and download the SugarSync application. Once the app is set up, you can decide which folders need to be synced and the device you want to sync them across. The app runs in the background without interrupting with your productivity, ensuring that your important data are constantly backed up and accessible from any location regardless of the computer you are using. What's more, you can sync files with your mobile apps facilitating real time access.


Sync across multiple devices: SugarSync allows you to automatically sync your files across PCs, Macs, and other smart devices. It works in tandem with your actions. It is also easy to sync to the cloud for offline access.

Data Restoration: Regardless of what happens to your computer, your photos, videos and other irreplaceable files are kept safe on the cloud. It is easy to restore them to a new computer or device any time.

File version control and recovery: SugarSync provides access to earlier versions of a file, meaning that you can restore older file versions if necessary. It is to be mentioned that only the latest file version is counted in your storage limit.

Mobile Access: You can easily browse, access, back up and sync from your mobile. SugarSync offers mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Win Mobile and Outlook.

File sharing: SugarSync lets you share files or a huge folder containing hundreds of files in just a few mouse clicks. You can share public links, collaborate with shared folders and sync folders across project or business teams.

Disaster Recovery: As SugarSync stores multiple copies of your files in its data center, it is easy to restore and sync your digital content after a hard drive crash.

Easy Billing: SugarSync allows you to consolidate all your accounts. It offers a single-point billing to manage your billing online.

Developers Portal: SugarSync has a separate section for developers, with a developer's forum, app showcase and glossary among other features. Developers can leverage the power of cloud using SugarSync's easy to implement API.

Remote Wipe: Remote wipe is an amazing feature offered for business users. It safely removes data from a user's computer. The status of the remote wipe request can be viewed on the Admin Dashboard.

SugarSync Plans and Pricing

SugarSync offers a 5GB free plan that allows you to access files across unlimited number of devices, and download free mobile apps.

The Free Trial is a great feature of SugarSync. It allows you to try any of its plans for free for a trial period of 30 days.

SugarSync offers three individual plans:

- 60GB plan at £7.49 per month with a £15 saving for a one-year subscription

- 100GB plan at £9.99 per month with a £20 saving for a one-year subscription

- 250GB plan at £24.99 per month with a £50 saving for a one-year subscription

SugarSync offers two business plans:

- 1000GB plan at £55 per month (for 1 to 3 users) with a £110 savings for a one-year subscription

- Greater than 1000GB offer plan (for more than 3 users) with customisable packages

Business plans offer live phone support and remote wipe features. Your team can seamlessly access, sync and share business-critical files and folders from any device or platform. Therefore, there is no need to work from a single folder.

The business plans are a great way to enhance productivity and collaboration of your team with the powerful, flexible and secure solutions offered by SugarSync.

Reseller options are customisable with number of plans ranging from less than 50 to more than 500. They are also tailored based on whether you intend to sell SugarSync to individuals, businesses or both. You need to fill up an online form to join SugarSync's reseller program.

SugarSync's affiliate program offers flexible terms to meet your needs. Its high click-to-conversion rates, high performing advertisements and landing pages, and competitive payouts are beneficial aspects for earning affiliate commissions.


SugarSync has adopted industry-best practices to provide the best level of safety and security for your data. File transfer occurs via the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and files are stored in an encrypted format. SugarSync uses the 256-bit AES encryption technology, the level of security employed for online financial transactions. Hence, file uploading, downloading and sharing take place in a highly secure manner.

Customer Support

SugarSync offers robust customer support not only via email but also via a free phone number and live chat. Its Help Center offers plenty of support tools, such as video tutorials, ask support, chat and community access. The community forum is composed of experienced and active members with whom you can interact to share opinions and get help. You can key in your question at the customer support portal to search for the most relevant answers from SugarSync's knowledge base. Support categories include account and billing issues, how to information, technical support and feature requests.

The CloudU section unveils everything you need to know about cloud storage, including information for various kinds of users - students, real estate agents, consultants, etc. - and various types of storage.


SugarSync offers competitive online backup storage plans to cater to varying storage and backup needs of individuals and businesses. Its industry standard security features and added business features, such as Remote Wipe are remarkable. What makes SugarSync exceptional is its robust customer support - live chat, free phone support, and extensive Help Center. The free trial feature is tempting enough to try one of its robust plans.

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