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Review Of SOS Online Backup

The increasing use of digital data in virtually every field demands robust backup solutions. It is not surprising to learn that IT departments of corporate firms are making huge investments in backup and recovery solutions. Cloud storage has evolved at a rapid pace to meet the increasing need for online backup services. SOS Online Backup, launched in 2001, is known for its enterprise grade backup solutions with military grade security. It is particularly suited for large businesses that handle massive amounts of data.

SOS Online Backup Overview

To start using SOS, you need to sign up for a relevant service package and download the appropriate backup software. Once the software is set up, activate the backup process, setting up an automatic backup schedule. SOS handles everything in the background applying its robust functionalities. It allows you to back up your entire company data seamlessly. It offers matchless business solutions, including endpoint backup, server backup, bare metal backup, mobile backup and recovery, some of its key products.


Flexible backup: SOS backs up files or folders on standard Windows machines, Mac laptops and desktops, as well as iOS and Android devices.

File Sharing and Mobile Access: SOS for Android and iPhone applications allow you to share, access and download files from mobile devices.

Centralised Management: SOS allows you to centrally manage remote deployment, reporting, monitoring and other functions from the dashboard.

Enterprise Compression: After you activate the backup process, SOS uses an intelligent compression system to back up only the changes you make in your files, ensuring minimal data transfer.

Flexible File Types: You can back up any file type. The File Selection Wizard gives control over what you want to back up.

Unlimited Versioning: You can access any version of your backed up file by just indicating the appropriate date.

Unlimited Archiving: ForeverSave is a unique feature of SOS that allows unlimited archiving of every file that you backup. It infinitely archives your files, making them available forever.

SOS Timeline Recovery Calendar: It allows you to select a past date from which you wish to recover backed up data. The data will be instantly recovered from the specific date.

Affiliate Program: The affiliate program allows you to earn 25% commission quarterly. SOS provides a dedicated URL and cart for your customers to sign up. You can also utilize its email marketing tools and send offers.

Plans and Pricing

SOS offers three backup plans: SOS Pro, SOS Business and SOS Business Premier. All plans offer unlimited PC and Mac backup, centralised management, unlimited mobile backup and unlimited archiving. The first two plans provide a free trial feature.

The Pro plan costs £6 per month for 100GB (single user). The Business plan costs £65 per month for 250GB (unlimited users). The Business Premier plan is customisable and SOS offers to provide appropriate packages and pricing under the plan when you call its customer support.

Partner Programs

SOS' partnership programs are customised to meet the requirements of partners - Reseller, MSP and Distributor partners.

Reseller Partner program allows you to promote and sell SOS services as part of your existing business or as a new business. The service can be rebranded, easily managed and deployed.

The MSP Partner program allows you to serve midsize and enterprise-class customers using an easily manageable and deployable solution with the option to rebrand. SOS provides all the sales and marketing materials, so you can gain incremental revenue.

Distributor Partner program allows you to introduce large enterprise or reseller customers to SOS, to access its enterprise features, including remote management and superior support for organizations.


SOS Online Backup uses military-grade encryption, i.e. your files are encrypted during each backup stage. Your data goes through a three-tiered process: local encryption, encryption during transit to upload and encryption at rest in the data center. On-the-fly encryption makes SOS backups the fastest in the world, typically backing up 1GB every 15 minutes. Data stored on local devices is encrypted as well. SOS' compliance with government regulations has enabled it to find application in several industries. SOS meets the compliance requirements of financial services, healthcare, legal and retail industries. Its primary data centers are equipped with tier three and tier four grade security, with a target reliability of 99.99 percent. It has worldwide data infrastructure with 11 global data centers, all of which are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified.

SOS ForeverSave automatically archives your files forever. The Timeline Recovery calendar allows you to choose the relevant date to recover data. The Continuous Data Protection feature detects any changes in your files and ensures that the updates are sent to the cloud whether you select it for backup or not.

Customer Support

SOS offers chat support, ticketing and phone support. The support portal offers several help tools with a vast knowledgebase. You can simply key in your question to find the answer. If that option does not fetch the relevant answer, you can instantly chat live to get your doubts cleared. Or else submit a ticket for more clarification. The hours of operation are from 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and 8 am to 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The support portal also includes assistance for partners and businesses. Windows, Mobile and Mac are dealt under separate categories to provide a comprehensive knowledgebase. The Frequently Asked Questions section has a whole lot of solutions. Community forums include a home user forum and a business user forum. The Resources section offers downloads and videos.


SOS has a big reputation in the industry with many rewards to its credit - it is a four-time winner of PC Magazine's Editor's Choice. Its three-tiered encryption with military grade security is remarkable. The diverse product range and state-of-the art features contribute to its unparalleled service quality. Customer support - via live chat and phone - in addition to other support features are important for business users. SOS is basically built for business level backup services with the highest level of security, flexibility, automation, remote access, and other features.

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