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Online Vs Offline Storage

For most, the decision as to whether to backup online or offline comes down to personal preference. Below we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each which we hope will assist you in making a decision as to whether or not to back up your data online. Offline Storage Backing up offline is preferred by some as they like to see their data, know where it is and know it's safe. The danger of that though is failed drives or even losing drives should you misplace your USB drive or memory stick. Then there are CD's etc - we all know how unreliable CD's are after a few years and they don't actually hold that much data in the scheme of things. For example, you couldn't backup a full movie onto a CD, not a chance. There are advantages though. Especially when using a remote hard drive. You can often send huge amounts of data to an external HDD very quickly and you know your data is safe, it's there, it's reliable and short of a disaster such as a fire or your drive being physically stolen - it should be difficult to misplace. There is a lot of time and effort involved in offline storage though. You have to buy the drives, the disks and then physically store them somewhere safe. You can't just forget about it like you can with online backup. Online Storage For us, when it comes to storage, there really is no better option than online storage. It's safe, it's fast, it's secure and in the scheme of things. It's relatively cheap. What more do you want? By using an online storage service, your data is stored online in a remote backup facility which is not only extremely secure, it's also backed up, the data integrity checked periodically and is managed by extremely reliable systems. If you send your data online, particularly to a cloud service, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is 100% safe. I understand the reservations people have about using online storage services, people think it will be slow and cumbersome to send vast amounts of data up onto the Internet but these days it's extremely quick and easy to do. Faster internet connections, huge amounts of cloud disk space and general software improvements make backing up data online and backing up data locally is just as easy and for the most part, the process is exactly the same. But of course, you get the added security and reliability features when it comes to online backup. So there you go. It's really down to you which is your preference but if you want security and want to know that your data is safe - there is really no better solution than online backup and storage. All of the providers we feature on this site are tried and tested and you can be sure with any one of them that your data will be extremely secure. All of the providers we feature come with easy to use software that will make backing up your data online extremely simple. You can also schedule your backups so that any file you make on your computer is automatically sent up to your chosen online storage facility - no backing up to cd's and storing them in your desk draw for them to get corrupt a few years later. In short, if you want to look after you data and what it easily accessible at any time. Choose online storage. You won't regret it.