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Review Of MyPCBackup

Online backup solutions have come as a sign of relief for those who handle lots of valuable digital content. Backup service providers like myPCBackup offer extensive features that not only help you manage your photos and music but also safeguard financial and business documents, emails, videos and more. You can upload any type of file to the cloud and rest assured that it is free from any potential danger, be it theft, mishaps, unauthorised access or an unexpected PC crash.


Gaining access to myPCBackup only takes a few minutes. You need to sign up for your myPCBackup account, download the backup application, go through the setup process and let myPCBackup do the rest. Once the application is installed, simply choose the files and folders to be backed up and the subsequent process takes place automatically in the background. Each time you edit your files, the changes are reflected on the cloud-stored version of the files. For an extra level of convenience, myPCBackup allows you to schedule the backup process, so that your data are backed up to the cloud at the same time every 24 hours. There is also the option to run the backup manually, just in case a file needs urgent protection.


Undeniably, everyone who is hooked on using digital content needs access on multiple devices other than their primary computer. Perhaps, you need to access your project updates on your smartphone or tablet or edit your office documents on your home PC. myPCBackup offers the ability to sync on all the aforementioned devices from any location.

Mobile access is a welcome feature of myPCBackup. The ability to sync files across multiple devices also allows you to access data on the move on your internet-connected smart devices. To make things even easier, just download myPCBackup apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry mobile devices.

File sharing is a powerful feature in this internet era. With myPCBackup, you can share your photos, videos or music with your family and friends. Or collaborate with your colleagues or staff to share large project files. Just send them a custom link to access your files or invite them via Facebook, Twitter or by email.

Automatic backups based on the schedule you set on the desktop application or the online control panel simplifies the entire backup task.

myPCBackup gives you the freedom to upload any type of file, such as music, video, image, documents, graphics, executable, etc.

File Restoration - the very purpose of your backup efforts - is simple as you can easily retrieve files from the control panel or the desktop application in a few mouse clicks.

File versioning is an advanced feature that lets you access recent history of backed up files.

Backup Plans

myPCBackup offers two plans for business backup solutions. The Business Plan costs £19.95 per month for 100GB data and 5 computers. It charges £4.95 per month for each additional computer and £4.96 per month for each 100GB of additional data. The Enterprise Plan costs £49.95 per month for 500GB data covering 20 computers. It charges £2.95 per month for each additional computer and £4.96 for each 100GB of additional data. Both plans provide unlimited user accounts, unlimited version history and an administration dashboard. What's more, business users can avail round-the-clock phone support.

The home plan allows only one user account, but unlimited devices. Unlimited Account customers can take up the option to back up any number of photos, music files, videos, documents and graphic files. The business plans include additional features, such as team collaboration, sub accounts, administrative control panel, access and permissions management, ability to monitor backup status, email backup, document management and scheduled backups.

MCP's reseller plans allows you to establish your business in just three steps - sign up, create plans and add users. It offers three template plans and also allows users to set up their own plans. The Reseller Dashboard is user-friendly and easy to manage. Reseller accounts start from £19.95 per month. As a reseller, you can set your own pricing and margins, customize your product, add your own custom plans and sell to unlimited customers.

Customer Support

myPCBackup's support team is committed to extend technical support and advice to customers 24/7 365 days a year. It provides email support and additional phone support for customers under the business plan. The support center provides video tutorials for several topics, demo, billing guidance, FAQs section and community forum.


All data uploaded to myPCBackup's cloud storage is absolutely safe and protected by a 256-bit SSL encryption. In other words, the encryption technology is comparable to that used by banks to safeguard their customers' data. The entire data transmission takes place over a secure SSL encryption, meaning that there is no chance for unauthorised access to your information. In fact, encryption is the main reason why online backup is preferable over other types of backup solutions. Your data are backed up in multiple servers across multiple data centers around the world to ensure the utmost level of security. In other words, myPCBackup diligently uploads your data to more than one server for maximum protection.

myPCBackup offers a stable storage solution in collaboration with Amazon S3 storage. The result is a combination of myPCBackup's industry leading backup system with Amazon's world-class data centers. Notably, Amazon S3 storage has 99.99% durability guarantee. myPCBackup has its own grid infrastructure allowing fast re-calling of customers' files and advanced features like file sharing and file versioning.


myPCBackup offers a robust online backup solution with a broad feature range and affordable price range. It is especially attractive for its business plans that provide customisable storage and computer license options. Advanced features like file versioning, phone support for business users and bank-grade security are noteworthy. myPCBackup is compatible with all the common operating systems, including most versions of Windows, Mac, Linux and major mobile operating systems.

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