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Review Of Mozy

Online backup has become the safety norm whether it is for a single home computer or a few business computers or a network of workstations and servers. Over the past few years, a myriad of online backup services have sprung up boasting their credibility and reputation. However, only a few companies, such as Mozy have scored well in the industry. Established in 2005, Mozy is a reputable online backup service provider that has received SSAE 16 audit and ISO 27001 certification.

Mozy Overview

Mozy's online backup solutions are tailored to meet the needs of individuals, small businesses and large enterprises. It provides automatic and scheduled backups with a host of features that can be customised to suit your needs. While the non-commercial backup solution for personal files, music, photos, home videos, personal tax records, etc. is structured to be simple, business backup solutions meant for multiple computers and servers are sophisticated yet easy to use.


Flexible Backup: Mozy facilitates automatic backups that take place when your computer is not in use. It also allows you to schedule backups, be it daily, weekly or at a specified time of the day.

Block-level Incremental Backups: Once the initial backup is completed, Mozy backs up only the edited or modified portion of files, in a bid to save bandwidth and increase backup speeds.

Multiple Restore Options: You can restore data using Mozy's software installed on your computer, over the web or by requesting for a DVD restore. Windows users can simply right-click to access the restore option or go to the Mozy Virtual Drive.

File Synchronisation: Mozy's Stash file sync enables you to send your critical files to a secure location online and sync between multiple computers and mobile devices.

File Support: You can restore up to 30 days old file versions. Mozy backs up open and locked files including Outlook PST files.

Bandwidth Throttling: Mozy allows you to define the amount of bandwidth used always or between specified intervals.

Mobile Access: Mozy can be accessed on your iOS and Android devices via relevant apps, so you can sync your data with mobile devices and access them anywhere, any time.

Compatibility: Mozy is compatible with various Windows and Mac OS versions.

Partnership Programs: Mozy offers two partnership programs:

The reseller program can be accessed on the reseller portal where you can find advertising material and training videos to get started with the program. It provides attractive margins, best products and strong sales and marketing support for computers and servers. Authorized resellers can feature their company logos in the Mozy client and Web system at no extra charges, provided there is minimum monthly revenue.

The OEM Partners program gives partners the opportunity to offer backup as a labeled solution alongside core products and offerings. Mozy integrates with your current platform, allowing you to offer the kind of services sought by your customer.

Plans and Pricing

Mozy offers three backup plans corresponding to home use, business use and enterprise use:

The MozyHome plan comprises a 50GB plan for one computer at £4.99 per month and a 125GB plan for 3 computers at £7.99 per month. Mozy offers discounts for one and two year plans. You may also start with a free 2GB plan that can store 250,000 text emails, 200 MP3 files and 300 photos. It allows you to create custom backup settings for uncommon file types.

The MozyPro plan provides several options ranging from 10GB to 1 TB. You can check it out with MozyPro's 30-day trial period. Mozy allows you to customize the storage space, number of computers and the option to back up servers. If you back up servers, purchasing a Server Pass for an additional monthly charge allows you to back up as many servers as needed. You can also use the Mozy Data Shuttle service as per your backup needs.

The MozyEnterprise plan, meant to provide critical remote backup for corporate data, is scalable and secure. It allows multi-user environments, automatic scheduled backups and management from a web-based console. The plan includes sophisticated service packages tailored to meet customer needs. The Pro and Enterprise customers are entitled to round-the-clock support via phone, email or chat and can discuss with Mozy executives to decide on the appropriate plan.


User data is encrypted locally using military-grade encryption before it is transferred via secure SSL connection. Mozy allows you to select a managed encryption key or a personal key for additional security. Mozy's data centers employ world-class security with 24x7x365 on-site monitoring, and feature fire detection and suppression facilities and redundant power distribution units. They comply with European Safe Harbor privacy principles. Mozy also touts of its SSAE 16 audit and ISO 27001 certification, assuring the best level of security for your data.

Customer Support

Mozy offers live chat support in addition to help options at its support portal. The knowledgebase in the support portal provides answers to virtually every question related to Mozy's plans. The documentation section provides user guides and admin guides depending on customer categories. There are tutorials as well. The My Support section provides access to personalised support based on the plan you have opted. The customer community forum enables interaction with other Mozy users, whereby you can share your thoughts and ideas. Business users are entitled to round-the-clock technical support and assistance via phone, chat or email. An Intro-to-Mozy video enables newcomers to get a whole picture of the Mozy's features, services and advantages.


Mozy's backup services are remarkably robust and focused with well-refined features catering to the needs of a broad range of customers. The pro and enterprise-grade plans offer special support features, in addition to advanced training tools and learning materials. The enterprise-grade backup integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure without using additional hardware and ensuring minimal IT management tasks and management costs. Home users have access to a free plan that includes all the essential features. They can also access live support for assistance on technical and other issues.

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