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Review Of LiveDrive

Cloud storage has brought a radical change in the way digital data is handled, in terms of storage, synchronisation, accessibility, and sharing, among others. It is considered synonymous with online backup, which has proven to be the most reliable and convenient means of backing up digital content. You no longer need to stack CDs or flash drives to safeguard your photos and music files. In addition to security, the cloud-based working environment provides additional features that improve flexibility, productivity and profitability of businesses. Livedrive is one of the top-rated online backup solutions and has been in existence since 2008.

Livedrive Overview

Livedrive enables you to back up your computer files via its desktop client that installs in your PC or Mac in a matter of minutes. Thereafter, it automatically backs up your files without interfering with your work. You can view files by logging in to your Livedrive account or via other devices synced with your Livedrive account. Livedrive's home page has a descriptive table providing a comparative assessment of its products, making it easy for you to select the apt plan that suits your needs.


Mobile Apps: Livedrive has apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8, allowing you to access all your backed-up files on your mobile. You can also stream music and movies to your device over 3G or Wi-Fi, instead of syncing them or storing them on your phone.

Cloud Collaboration: Livedrive's Briefcase is an interesting feature that enables you to access the same files on all your office computers. You can provide each employee with their own private space or create team folders for employee groups to collaborate.

Web Sharing: This feature provides an exclusive web portal for your business, allowing you to custom brand the portal with a logo and content. It simplifies sharing of Livedrive files over the cloud, a viable alternative for emails or FTP.

Cloud Sync: Livedrive syncs files between computers, allowing employees to take their work home despite using multiple computers.

File support: You can access up to 30 previous versions of a file and restore deleted files for 30 days. You can share files with a single click instead of sending large email attachments.

Compatibility: Livedrive supports Windows and Mac operating systems. It also provides native support for several mobile operating systems.

Local network transfer: If you are using multiple computers on one network, Livedrive can transfer files between those computers directly, thereby saving bandwidth and time.

Backup for NAS: Livedrive offers backup for your NAS drive or your network storage location at an additional cost of £5 per month.

Free trial: Livedrive home and business user plans offer a free two-week trial feature.

Mission Critical Support: Livedrive's support team, composed of highly-trained experts, provides round-the-clock service by email. The performance of Livedrive's technicians is monitored 24x7 and Livedrive guarantees that all emails are answered within 24 hours.

Affiliate Program: Livedrive's affiliate program allows you to earn the highest commissions in the cloud storage industry, i.e. £200 per sale, for sending traffic to the Livedrive website. Affiliate FAQs provide details about planning, advertising, etc. to help you get started.

Plans and Pricing

Livedrive offers plans under three categories: Home, Business and Reseller.

For Home users, Livedrive offers Backup, Briefcase and Pro Suite plans. The Backup plan costs £3 per month for unlimited backup for PC and Mac. The Briefcase plan costs £7 per month for 2TB storage and allows syncing between all your devices. The Briefcase is seen as a drive on your computer and is a great tool for syncing and sharing your files. The Pro Suite plan costs £11 per month for unlimited backup for 5 computers, in addition to other features that combine the Backup and Briefcase plans. Pro Suite customers are entitled to priority service and support and can access files from other apps via FTP, SFTP and WebDav.

For Business users, Livedrive offers the Express plan for 2 TB of storage (for 3 users) at £22 per month and the Standard plan for 10 TB or more of storage (for 10 or more users) at £75 per month. The plans allow you to back up all your office PCs, allowing your team to access files from anywhere for sharing and collaboration. You have total control over your company files and can set up individual permissions, control sharing and monitor any area of the system.

For Resellers, Livedrive offers an award winning package that lets you customize, procure and manage customer accounts. As a reseller, you can sell any Livedrive product and customize the features to manage space allocation for customers. Resellers can get backup accounts for free and can create any number of backup accounts included in a fixed monthly fee of £39.95. Reseller accounts come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Livedrive stores your files in a military-grade encrypted format - AES 256 encryption - to protect them from unauthorized access and damages. Livedrive's servers, located across the UK, are under constant vigilance to ensure the best possible security. Livedrive does not limit transfer speed or bandwidth as its data centers are equipped with super-fast connectivity around the globe.

Customer Support

Livedrive has a knowledgeable support team ready to provide technical assistance anytime. Its support team - called Support Force One - is committed to provide outstanding support treating every request as urgent. It touts of its Mission Critical Support feature that guarantees prompt and efficient support for customers. Livedrive also offers support ticket facility, allowing customers to submit a ticket for quick help.


Livedrive offers a diverse range of storage plans and features to suit different requirements of home users and businesses. Its storage spaces ranging from gigabytes to terabytes and unlimited space are appealing. Among its unique features, Livedrive's ability to facilitate local network transfers and back up NAS and network storage are remarkable. The unique Briefcase feature simplifies the task of syncing, sharing and managing your files by appearing as a separate drive on your computer. Customer support is robust, especially the mission critical support. However, lack of live chat and phone support may be disappointing for business customers.

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I've been a long term customer of LiveDrive, 3 years or so but I'm hear scotuing for new providers. Who do you recommend? I don't need huge amounts of space, 20GB total will do it, just for movies and music etc?