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Review Of JustCloud

JustCloud is one of the best online backup solutions out there for your business or personal needs. Its user-friendly interface and rich application features are easily operated by the novice and expert alike. It enables you to overcome the hassles of using external backup devices, be it flash drive or external hard drive, and allows you to organise your digital content effortlessly. Something we all need!

JustCloud Overview

JustCloud uses a custom desktop application to back up the files and folders stored on your computer to the cloud. The backup process is an ongoing task, so you can access your files anytime from any web-accessible device by simply logging in to JustCloud. When you sign up, JustCloud allows you to set up backup schedule. So, after the completion of the initial backup, your files are automatically updated in the cloud each time you make a change. JustCloud is compatible with Windows (32 and 64 bit) operating systems, Mac OSX, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry - so whatever device you choose to use, compatibility won't be an issue.


Syncing Devices: It allows you to sync your files across several computers and devices that you use. You can choose the files required to be synced and the devices where you want to access them. As JustCloud works in the background, the backed up files are always accessible. So, if you want to work on a file that is on your office PC, you can easily access it from your laptop at home.

Mobile Access: As you can back up and sync files with multiple devices, you can access your data on the go, meaning that you can access and even back up your files from your smartphone, tablet or laptop - This is extremely important in this day and age.

File Sharing: JustCloud facilitates sharing of files and folders with family or friends. You can share with others via email, Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, just send them a custom link to share your data.

Unlimited Storage: Unlimited Cloud Storage is an appealing feature of JustCloud. In other words, there is no limit to the number of files or folders you can store. Take advantage of this!

Automation: Automated backup keeps you worry-free as it eliminates concerns about losing your files or data.

Mobile Optimised: JC's mobile-optimised site and mobile apps allow access from anywhere. The mobile device apps allow you to backup your phones cameral roll, upload voice memos or text notes in a jiffy. Opening, printing and sharing documents on the go are hassle-free.

Drag & Drop: All you need to do is drag and drop the files you wish to back up to JustCloud's desktop app or online control panel. It is an amazing way to sync the backed up files with multiple devices. Especially if you're not massively tech-savvy.

Additional Features: Lost files can be recovered easily from your JustCloud account. JustCloud also offers reseller plans and affiliate programs.

Online Backup Plans

JustCloud offer a 30-day money back guarantee with its business storage plans. Currently, its plans - Business Plan and Enterprise Plan - are available at a discount of 20%. The Business Plan costs £19.95 per month for 100GB storage space and is free for 5 computers. The Enterprise Plan costs £49.95 per month for 500GB storage space and is free for 20 computers. Another useful feature is the ability to customise the space and computers depending on your need. You need to pay £4.95 for each additional computer and £4.96 for every additional 100GB of space. With the Business Plan you can manage all your user accounts, i.e. monitor their usage and activity, with ease. JustCloud provides a single centralised bill for your company.

While the home plan allows one user account, the business plans offer unlimited user accounts. The home plan offers enough features for individual needs - automated backups, the ability to sync multiple devices and file sharing. However, Network drive support, backup for external drives, backup for files over 1GB and automated video backup that are included in the business plan pricing, can be taken up through the home plan at additional costs. Additionally, the Business Plan offers several features that are not available in the home plan namely, hourly backups, additional support, email backup, document management and scheduled backups.


JustCloud offers the best security standard out there as far as I'm concerned. Encryption, i.e. the process by which a program is used to scramble data to be retrieved only by using an encryption key, involves high standards that are twice that of industry standards. In other words, JustCloud offers double the encryption bit rate of other backup services. All your data is subject to continual encryption via a 256-bit secured socket layer (SSL) encryption. Every stage of file transfer is secure and the files are stored in high tech cloud data centers that are monitored round the clock - so you can be sure your data is secure.

JustCloud uses Amazon S3 Web Services to provide best possible storage solution. Its secure servers are kept in data centers equipped with ultra-redundant power, HVAC and networking for non-stop functionality. Round-the-clock monitoring ensures the maximum level of security for the servers containing your files. Your data is kept in high tech servers under temperature and power-controlled facilities, implying adequate fire protection. An important security feature is that you can map the location of a lost laptop hourly to keep track of it. With so many mobile devices being stolen these days, this really is a god-send!

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, JustCloud offers a dedicated support team that provides round-the-clock technical support. The team provides responsive email support. However, there is no live chat or phone support on the JustCloud site. The Help Center section provides several help options. Step-by-step video tutorials guide you through the entire process of using JustCloud, in terms of signing up, how it works, features, and so on. There is a demo button that can be pressed to view screenshots of how to set up JustCloud on your computer. There is a separate section to answers you questions about billing. The Frequently Asked Questions section has answers for almost any question you would ask about using JustCloud or online backup. What's more, you can get involved with the JustCloud community to enrich your knowledge and share ideas. Something I'm a huge fan of!


In conclusion, JustCloud is a good choice whether it is for a single personal computer or multiple business computers. It provides all the essential features - automation, unlimited storage, high level data encryption and mobile access. It also doesn't have a restriction on file types. The only disadvantage is perhaps, the lack of phone support - although the system is that easy to use and the help guides are that extensive, I don't envisage you needing any support when using JC as a solution.

See reviews from our users...

I've been using JustCloud for the best part of a year now and just happened to come across this review. Whilst I think it's fairly accurate, you should really discuss the software more. There is a hell of a lot to the JustCloud service than is mentioned here and I think visitors should know exactly what's contained rather than simply quoting the price and how good the software is etc. Perhaps include some screenshots too. That'd help massively I'm sure. For me, they're the best service out there and this review does not do them justice in my humble opinion.

So, I've been a customer of justcloud.com for about 1 month so far and whilst I've not used anywhere near my quota, it does seem very straight forward. I'm a music artist so have lots of sound files and samples that I've been collecting for about 5 years. My worst nightmare is losing them all so I use justcloud.com to store them. I don't know too much about the technology behind it or how it all works but it does seem quite straight forward. If I can use it anyone can I'm sure.

Must admit am a Carbonite user but thought I'd give this Just Cloud a go. Looks alright on the face of it, only used it 2 days though. Will have to report back later I guess. I've got that app on my mobile while looks alright, am gonna back up my photos etc and see how fast it is. My network connection is quite poor and 3G kinda sucks but the software seems ok. Anyway, am going on, will leave a longer review later, looks good so far though!

I am surprised JustCloud get so much negativity. I find them great, easy to use, cheap and most of all they provide a hell of a lot of storage space for the money. They have a free trial, give them a go.