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Is Online Storage For You?

To answer that, it really depends on your situation and your personal preference. In terms of data, no matter how few files or how many you need to store - there is an online storage service to suit. If you care about your files enough to want to back them up and keep them safe then there is really no better option out there than online storage. Of course, there are doubters. People don't want to pay a few pounds a month just store a few files here and there. They're content with keeping their files on a local harddisk, cd or USB pen. If that works for you, so be it, but for most, online storage is the ONLY choice. These days, with the advent of broadband in particular, sending files up to an online provider is extremely fast and seamless. It doesn't take as long to sync data as people think and in reality there is little difference between sending files up to the cloud as there is between moving files onto your local USB drive. The process of dragging and dropping files from one folder to another is exactly the same. The only difference with online storage is that the files are sent up onto the Internet instead of your local drive. So is it right for you? Well, it really depends on how secure you want to keep your files. If it's stuff you don't want on your computer but it isn't the end of the world if they're lost, then sure, stick them on an external hard drive or a USB drive. Why not, it's cheap, somewhat reliable and you can usually get enough storage space to cover your needs. But what if your data was business critical? What if you'd be out of business if you lost certain programs, spreadsheets, customer records and so on. Realistically, what would you do? Do you want your business data stored on a USB drive that is left around your house? I think not. Online storage providers for the most part are extremely reliable. Once your data is sent up there, you can sleep safely. Your data is secure and it won't be lost until you choose to remove it. This is because the data centres and hardware used by such providers is extremely reliable. Drive failures happen but they're identified before your data is lost and even your backups and backed up. Can you imagine the backlash if a paid storage provider lost your data after you've paid them to look after it? They can't risk it. So there we have it? You need to make your own decision as to which option will be best for you. If it's business critical data, you'd be crazy not to back up your files online but if you're a home user and don't particularly care if your files are lost or not then you can probably get away with using a typical USB storage device.