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Is Online Backup Fast Enough?

Of course, to answer this question it comes down to a number of factors. Most notably it comes down to how fast your service provider is and how fast (most importantly) your own Internet connection is. This is where most of the speed is lost when it comes to online backup. There is no point having a provider on a lightning fast connection if your on a slow connection yourself. This is where the bottleneck will occur. Fortunately these days, most people have access to broadband so sending data up onto the Internet is going to be no issue and the speeds will be comparable to transferring data onto your USB backup device. Speed is one of the biggest factors people look for when it comes to online backup and it is also one of the things that put people off making use of online storage services. I think in general, people think that sending their data up to a cloud provider will be time consuming and thus opt for local backup devices but in reality, it's not slow at all. Especially when you've got your backup software running in the background. Sure, the initial backup might be a bit slow if you opt to send absolutely everything on your local hard disk up to the cloud - but once you've done that, it's pretty much clear sailing. The backup providers we feature have processes which run in the background and if you were to save a file into a specific folder on your local computer it would automatically be sent up to the provider without you lifting a finger. You can also choose how much of your connection is used up during the transfer and even schedule it to run at certain times of the day. Personally, I just set it to run overnight and any new files I make or changes to old files are automatically synced up to my backup provider. This way, I know everything I do is safe and secure and to be honest, I kinda just forget about it. In reality though, people don't really need to backup that much data in terms of file storage and disk space. Once you take movies and music out of the equation, the file sizes of documents is minimal. You can literally send up tens of thousands of word documents, text files, images, spreadsheets or whatever else you might consider to be critical up onto the cloud within seconds so as you can see, online backup isn't slow. How long does it take you to send a file via e-mail? A few seconds? The speed of that is comparable to online backup so if you're familiar with sending files over the Internet you can pretty much gauge how quickly it's going to be. As I say, if you don't have a fast enough connection you can still utilise online backup by simply letting it run in the background when you're not using your connection for anything else or even set it running to back up everything through the night like I do. I am not using the connection in the night so don't notice any usage whatsoever. I think once you actually sort through your data and work out what you want to keep and what you don't really need, you'll be surprised at how little data you have in terms of file size and getting such data sent up to the web is relatively straight forward. So that it's. In a nutshell, yes online backup is more than fast enough for most peoples needs.