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Review Of iBackup

As an increasing number of businesses are becoming computerised, data protection and recovery solutions are becoming an integral part of businesses, regardless of their size. The resultant growth in the online backup industry has also enabled individuals to access robust backup solutions for their documents, photographs, videos, music and other files that cannot be replaced. It has also made way for competitive pricing and value-added services. IBackup is one of the best backup services that provides integrated online backup, storage and sharing for PCs, Mac, servers and more.

IBackup Overview

IBackup enables small and medium-sized businesses to access enterprise-grade backup at reasonable costs. Global corporations, business organizations and individuals have been benefitting from IBackup's advanced backup functions including Exchange/SQL/Oracle hot backups of databases focused on small to medium sized businesses. Upon registering with IBackup, you get access to a virtual folder and web manager that enable you to manage your account, with regard to backing up, opening, editing and saving files, as well as scheduling backup.


Automatic backup: IBackup automatically backs up critical data and allows you to schedule backups and restorations to suit your convenience. Data is compressed and encrypted during transmission.

Backups across platforms: IBackup allows you to back up across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. It supports different database types.

Flexibility: You can create multiple Backup sets, backup data from several computers into one account, and restore scheduling.

Disaster Recovery: IBackup's Disaster Recovery and Hot Sites Solution allows you to set up a full replica of important data from one site to another scalable physical location. A hot site is a duplicate of the original business site.

Mobile Access: IBackup allows you to share data on your IBackup account using smartphones and handheld smart devices.

Versioning: IBackup retains previous versions of your files, allowing you to restore up to the last 30 versions of files backed up in your account.

Rapid Serve: IBackup facilitates physical data transfer to a temporary storage device that is shipped to you. It provides External USB hard drives or Network Attached Storage devices depending on the size of your initial data.

On Demand Storage: This feature is offered for all user accounts. If your storage exceeds your plan limits, you are not required to upgrade to a new plan, instead IBackup allows you to continue at an additional £2 per month.

Sub-accounts: The sub-accounts feature allows you to create multiple accounts and monitor backups from a centralised administrator console.

Business Compliance: IBackup helps businesses meet federal mandates including HIPAA and GLBA, among others.

IBackup APIs: This feature allows developers to create innovative applications to customize backup, storage, sync, sharing and other features with minimal coding.


IBackup Drive is a plug-in that maps your cloud storage account as a virtual folder on the computer. You can drag & drop files, edit and save them in your account directly. It is available as a separate download.

The Web Manager is a web-based application that lets you access, manage and share backed up files and folders. You can create folders, upload files, schedule backup jobs and view log reports.

IBackup for Windows provides automated backup with scheduling options and centralised management. It also offers SQL, Exchange, Oracle and SharePoint Server backups.

IBackup for Mac offers bands-free backup on your Mac with customised backup scheduling and reporting options. It allows incremental backup whereby only modified portions of files are backed up for optimised bandwidth usage.

IBackup for iOS and Android are available in the App Store and Google Play respectively. They protect and share digital content from your mobile devices.

SQL Server backup provides secure and automated backup for your databases with no downtime.

Exchange Server Backup provides hot backup of your entire email server, allowing easy recovery of all or any lost or deleted message.

SharePoint Server Backup protects data of the SharePoint Server via the IBackup Windows granular Backup/Restore.

Oracle Server Backup provides hands-free office backup of your company's Oracle server, with encrypted data transmission for utmost security.

IBackup Portable allows you to back up data to a local or external drive with 256-bit AES encryption. It is integrated with the IBackup online account.

Pricing and Plans

IBackup offers plans with storage space ranging from 10GB to 300GB at monthly and yearly rates. A minimum 10GB plan costs £9.95 per month and a 300GB plan costs £299.95 per month. Currently IBackup is running a promotional program offering 10 times the storage space for the same price.

The reseller program allows authorized resellers of IBackup's services and products to earn reasonable commissions. It provides high profit margins and a unique revenue model. Resellers can participate in promotional activities, joint trade exhibitions, telemarketing and discussions.

Customer Support

In addition to general assistance, IBackup provides specialised support via its Sales, Technical and Billing inquiries departments. Customers can contact the support team from 6 am to 6 pm from Monday through Friday. Live chat and phone support are available. There are separate contact numbers for customers within and outside the U.S, with extension numbers for each of its departments.


IBackup follows the best security practices to protect its data servers from attempted network attacks. The storage devices that contain your data feature RAID-protected industry leading NAS/SAN security with multiple redundancy layers. Regular backups are maintained on separate online RAID-protected devices to ensure quick recovery in the event of software or hardware failures. IBackup encrypts data using the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, the IBackup application is hosted at multiple data centers that are equipped to keep servers operational round the clock. Protective features include HVAC temperature control systems, separate cooling zones, seismically braced racks, smoke detection and fire suppression systems, and motion sensors.


IBackup provides a comprehensive backup solution for small to medium businesses with robust features, including advanced database backups, flexible and automated scheduling, disaster recovery, compression, and other features that ensure superior performance for critical data. IBackup's web-based access provides a central management console that makes it easy to access, manage and share backed up files and folders. Security and support features are appreciable.

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