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Creative Use of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services are becoming more widely available and affordable at the same time. This means anyone can start storing their files in the cloud without spending a lot of money to get started. There are even free services that require nothing but a simple sign-up process before you can start using them. Now that you have gigabytes of cloud storage space to use, we are going to talk about creative ways to use them.

Synchronized To-Do List

Not all cloud storage services offer productivity suite, but that doesn't mean you can't have a fully synchronized to-do list and notes. Using even the simplest cloud storage service, you can now keep track of the things you need to do as well as the notes you take along the way.

What you need is a simple text document or a spread sheet. Combined with the built-in document viewer and editor provided by most - if not all - cloud storage services available today, it is very easy to keep track of the tasks you need to do.

There are also apps and web services that can automate this for you. Services such as Todo.txt enable you to use your Dropbox account to manage tasks and activities. Todo.txt in particular even supports mobile devices and seamless integration with other to-do apps.

Family Music Library

Certain cloud storage services are designed to handle your entire music library without so much as a problem. Google Play Music and Amazon Cloud Drive are among the most popular services to use if you want to store your entire music library safely in the cloud.

These specialized services also enable you to share songs, albums or even the entire library with a limited number of users. Since sharing it is very easy to do, sharing the entire music library with the rest of the family is as easy as 1-2-3.

Each family member can add their own songs, enhance or organize the library in any way they like and add information such as album cover and artist name. The cloud storage service will then apply these changes accordingly. Changes that are meant to be user-specific will not affect other users' view of the library.

Since you can now have a combined music library, there is no need to purchase the same song more than once. You can save a lot of money while still have a fairly comprehensive music library at your disposal.

Collaborate with Co-workers

Another good thing about today's cloud storage services is that it offers automated file versioning on top of its built-in document editor. Instead of sharing files passively, you can now edit the same file online and have older versions of it automatically tracked and archived.

Working on a particular document in a collaborative environment is easier than ever. Multiple users can edit the same documents at the same time. The cloud storage service will then synchronize all the changes across users while storing older versions of the document effectively.

Should you need to revert to one of the older versions, you can easily access the cloud archive and select the version you want. You can either keep the newly edited document and restore the old version as a copy, or have the new version completely overwritten upon restore.

There are still plenty of other great ways to use cloud storage, especially since top service providers are introducing new features regularly. There are also more and more apps and web services that help you complete even the most advanced tasks with cloud storage. More storage means more ways you can utilize it to your benefit. Stay tuned for more cloud storage tips and tricks right here on this site.