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Review Of Carbonite

Online data backup solutions are gaining importance in households and businesses alike. While individuals are increasingly depending on cloud storage to back up their documents, photos and music, business are leveraging the power of cloud storage not only for backup solutions but also to add more value to their services and increase business productivity. Carbonite, a BBB accredited business, has been providing affordable and secure online backup solutions for homes, home offices and small businesses.

Carbonite Overview

Carbonite provides automatic backup once you install its backup application on the computer. It runs in the background, protecting new and modified files, uploading them to the cloud whenever you are connected to the internet. Carbonite offers unlimited backup space for all customers, be it home users and business users. Homes and home offices can back up an entire computer while businesses can back up multiple computers or a server. Carbonite's simple browser-based administration dashboard provides complete insight into the status of your computers or servers, so you can easily manage all the data pertinent to your business.


Automatic Backup: Carbonite runs continually in the background backing up new and updated files to the cloud provided your computer is connected to the internet. The automated functionality saves you the hassle of handling your backup schedules.

Unlimited Space: There is no need to select the files to be protected as every subscription of Carbonite offers unlimited space, meaning that you can back up any amount of data.

Mirror Image Backup: Carbonite stores an additional copy of your hard drive. In other words, your operating system, programs, files and folders are backed up to an external hard drive kept onsite.

Courier Recovery Service: Carbonite allows you to receive a copy of your backup shipped to you if the need arises. If your data is huge and you lose internet connectivity, this could be a viable and quick way to recover lost data. The service is available for U.S. based Home Premier customers but not UK.

Free Trial: Carbonite offers a 15-day free trial period for home or home offices using one computer and a 30-day free trial for businesses using several computers and servers, providing backup for employees' computers, external hard drives and NAS devices with centralised administration.

Partnership Programs: Carbonite offers three partnership programs - resellers, affiliates and strategic partners.

- Resellers can benefit from Carbonite's tiered-discounted pricing model by promoting Carbonite to homes, home offices and small businesses.

- Affiliates can use Carbonite's marketing materials to drive traffic to Carbonite's website and earn sizeable commissions on every sale.

- Strategic partnerships with leading brands and retail distributions enable Carbonite to reach new customers.

Pricing Plans

Carbonite offers four back up plans, each designed to meet specific customer categories.

Home computers plan designed for Mac and Windows provides unlimited space for photos, documents, music and more. It is ideal for homes and allows one computer per subscription at a cost of £59.99 per year.

Business computers plan for Mac and Windows includes all computers in a business with a centralised management from the dashboard. It is a good choice for four or more computers and permits unlimited computers per subscription at a cost of £229.99 per year.

Business servers plan for Windows provides a comprehensive hot backup with advanced features, such as high-speed uploads for databases and live applications, and backup for workstations. It is ideal for businesses using databases and live applications like SQL, Exchange and Oracle. It allows unlimited workstations and servers per subscription at a cost of £999.99 per year.

Enterprise networks plan for Linux, Windows, Mac and UNIX provides intelligent and robust network backup and recovery. It is ideal for businesses with heterogeneous servers and workstations demanding centralised backup management. It charges annual fees per protected system at the rate of £1299.99 per year.

Mobile Access: You can access files anytime from anywhere by logging into your Carbonite account. You can also download the free Carbonite Mobile app on your smartphone and browse, view or share files on the move.

External Hard Drive Backup: Carbonite allows Home and HomePremier customers to back up an external hard drive to the cloud to safeguard all the files stored on it.


Carbonite encrypts your files and stores them on highly secure data centers. The files, which are encrypted with 128-bit Blowfish encryption on your computer, are transmitted to Carbonite's data centers via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is the kind of technology used in internet banking and ecommerce transactions. In order to protect data against mechanical disk failures, Carbonite stores them on enterprise-grade disk drivers. Additionally, data is stored across a redundant array of disk drives, allowing quick recovery in the event of a drive failure. Data centers are temperature-controlled with uninterrupted power supply, on-site emergency backup generators, biometric scanners and round-the-clock monitoring.

Customer Support

Carbonite offers different levels of support for its customers depending on their needs. The support portal for home and home office users features getting-started and how-to guides, video tutorials troubleshooting and articles. You can type any question on the knowledgebase search box to find relevant answers.

The support portal for small business plans offers the same guidance relevant to the sophisticated features of their chosen plan. Apart from tutorials, guides and troubleshooting tips, the section features articles on supported operating systems, reinstallation, business dashboard, and so on. The section also has a knowledgebase well-equipped to answer your questions and clarify doubts.


Carbonite is a great choice for individuals as well as businesses, given its rich features, secure backups and affordable pricing. Unlimited storage is one of Carbonite's remarkable features, as customers can upload any number of files under any subscription. Additionally, the free trial options are aptly designed for home users, home offices and businesses. The subscription plans are well-designed to suit each customer category, with unique features like mirror image backup, courier recovery and external hard drive backup. The support portal is comprehensive, but lack of live support via phone or chat is noticeable.

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