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The Best Options For Mobile or Tablet Backup

With the advent of tablets and the increasing usage of mobile phones in day to day life, we're using up more data and disk space than ever. People by nature are snap-happy when it comes to taking photos and with mobiles and tablets being designed to store photos, music, apps, e-mails and whatever else, it's extremely important to have the right storage for your device. Whilst computers have vast amounts of disk space at their disposal, unfortunately, tablets don't. Even if you buy a high end tablet, you're still only getting around 128GB of storage (iPad Air). This might seem a lot but compared to computer hard-drives, it's really quite small. Mobile phones are even smaller. The best iPhone out there can only hold 64GB of data and as anyone who has ever used a tablet will know, this can be used up in a matter of weeks if you're constantly downloading apps, music and taking photos.

Whilst storage space via phones and tablets is limited, that doesn't mean what you do on your tablet or phone should also be limited. There are a wealth of storage and online backup services out there which will allow you to effectively extend the disk space you have on your phone or tablet. Companies such as JustCloud offer fantastic mobile based software which will allow you to sync the data on your phone or tablet as you create it. So if you take a photo, it won't just save it onto your hard drive, it will send it up to the cloud storage network instantly. You can then choose whether or not to keep it on your phone/tablet or remove it to save space. Personally, I ONLY use cloud storage for saving such files as my tablet runs significantly faster the less things I have on there.

The other advantage of this is that if your files are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed from absolutely anywhere, anytime. Whether you're using a third party computer on the other side of the world or if you're on your desktop computer in your bedroom, your files will be there, readily available on request.

Effectively, with the vast amount of cloud storage services available and the ultra-fast broadband speeds at your disposal, you're no longer limited by the actual storage on your handheld device. If you're considering buying a new phone or tablet in the future, keep this in mind. You don't need to fork out hundreds of pounds more for the higher end device. Get one of the lower end ones and simply utilise remote storage. There are lots of companies offering such storage so shop around and choose the best one that suits your situation. Typically, the price points as based on disk space so have a look how much data you're using on your phone or tablet so you can choose a package which suits. Nobody wants to overpay afterall.