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Review Of Backup Genie

The emergence of online backup services has eliminated the need for external storage devices that are not only cumbersome but also fail to offer the level of safety that most computer users look for. BackupGenie is among the top-rated online backup service providers that protects your files from viruses, hard drive crashes, unauthorised access and other disasters. So, you can simply forget the USB stick and access your files or data anytime from anywhere on the globe via the World Wide Web.

BackupGenie Overview

BackupGenie offers an intuitive software and friendly online control panel. Once you sign up with the service, you can easily download and install BackupGenie's application. The setup process will guide with all the details you need to key in, including a backup schedule. It is up to you to choose the files that need to be backed up. Thereafter, the application runs automatically to your chosen schedule, updating backed up files as and when you edit or make changes in them. BackupGenie offers friendly packages with plans and pricing to suit your need, whether you are a home user or a company.


Cross-platform syncing enables you to sync files and data across several platforms and devices. The synchronisation process is simple and automated. Just drag the file that you want to sync into the SyncFolder and the software handles the rest. After the syncing process, you can access the file from any computer or device in the world through an internet connection. BackupGenie is compatible with Windows OS versions (Windows XP, Vista, 7), Mac OSX 10.5, and mobile operating systems.

Mobile apps downloadable on your mobile devices allow access to your data on the go. The features of BackupGenie's mobile suite allow you to stream music and video and experience the confidence and convenience of having your data at your fingertips always. Mobile apps are available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Kindle Fire. You can take notes, record memos, click pictures and instantly upload them to your SyncFolder.

File sharing is perhaps the most used feature of any online storage solution. BackupGenie allows you to invite your friends, family and business team via email and social networking sites - Facebook and Twitter - or send them a custom link to the files to be shared.

Customer Support

BackupGenie has a knowledgeable and responsive support team to guide you with technical issues and answer your questions. It also offers additional support for business customers. Nevertheless, the support center is extensive enough to provide all the guidance, instructions and answers you are looking for. You can watch step-by-step video tutorials to get guidance on everything involved in using BackupGenie. A demo button leads you to a download page, with a well-illustrated demo on downloading and using the latest app. The Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers for questions under several categories, including general, security, restrictions and limitations, uninstall and cancellation, managing files, and more. You can also follow BackupGenie on Twitter or Facebook and interact with a robust community of BackupGenie users.


BackupGenie relies on Amazon S3 storage systems, which have a worldwide reputation for their durability and stability. Your data is replicated multiple times and duplicated across several worldwide locations. The duo do whatever is in their might to provide maximum security for your data. Your data is encrypted via 256 bit SSL encryption during upload as well as storage. Encryption standards are twice those used by other services. Data is stored in temperature-controlled centers to prevent fire hazards. Continual monitoring ensures the best level of safety.

BackupGenie Plans and Pricing

BackupGenie offers plans for home use, business use, resellers, and affiliates.

The home plan offers three choices:

- 75GB plan at £4.49 per month for 6,000 documents, 10,000 photos and 10,000 songs

- 250GB plan at £6.95 per month for 10,000 documents, 20,000 photos and 15,000 songs

- Unlimited plan at £9.95 per month for unlimited documents, photos and songs

The 250GB plan is the most popular of BackupGenie's plans. Plus you can make use of a 30-day money back guarantee, just in case you are not satisfied with the service.

The business use plan offers two choices:

- Business Plan - a 100GB plan with 5 computer licenses at £19.95 per month

- Enterprise Plan - a 500GB plan with 20 computer licenses at £49.95 per month

You can customise your business plans for extra data or additional computer licenses. Among the interesting business features, BackupGenie provides administration tools that allow you to manage your team by monitoring their activity, determining storage per person, setting permissions per user and getting a centralised bill for your entire team. Unlike home plans that allow only one user, business plans allow unlimited user accounts. Other features that are exclusive to business users include team collaboration, network drives support, backup for external drivers, hourly and scheduled backups, email backup, document management, and extra business-level support. You can protect all your company files and computers and share them with employees and clients as required.

BackupGenie offers reseller plans from £9.95 per month, a great way to start a new business or expand your existing company with a new service. It allows you to create custom plans or use its default plans. You can create as many user accounts as you can.

BackupGenie offers a highly rewarding affiliate program. It is perhaps, the perfect online backup service to affiliate with, given the high payouts and high conversion rates. Affiliates are given access to an affiliate dashboard, tracking links and analytics to monitor their performance. The affiliate app allows you to keep track of your earnings.


BackupGenie offers a versatile backup solution for several user categories. Home users can opt for economical plans and business users can choose the apt plan based on their business needs. Reseller options offer good business opportunities, especially providing excellent value-added services for existing online companies. Added business plan features, including extra support are appealing. The unlimited home plan is a convenient option, allowing users to upgrade as their backup requirements increase.

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